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 “How many brains do you need to be successful?” is somewhat of a trick question. You could argue that one well nourished, trained and focussed brain is enough, or that you need many brains to create a supportive team around yourself. Actually, from the individual perspective, to be living more meaningfully, fully and authentically you need three brains.  Fortunately, you already possess them.

Seriously, research over the past 100 years shows you already have three brains (neural networks): your cephalic (head), cardiac (heart) and enteric (gut).  Your gut intelligence is actually the equivalent size and complexity of a cat brain — fascinating! Your three intelligences need to be working together, aligned and in the right sequence for any real, deep, generative change to occur.

If it sometimes feels like you are struggling to make changes as your head is battling with your heart’s desires, and you’re feeling sick to the stomach with the paralysing fear of getting it wrong, now you know why. You need a tune-up.  It’s also the reason a mind-body therapy may work beautifully for one person, but not another.  And how do you get ‘tuned up’?  The answer is mBraining and mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques).

Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka have combined medical research, neuroscience, ancient wisdom and their own extensive experience as behavioural modellers to develop techniques to enable the integration to be able to occur smoothly. As they say in their book, mBraining: Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff‘, “the lastest findings in neuroscience lay out the map, behavioural modelling research provides us with the journey’s route, and mBIT and mBraining give us the means and tools to start travelling now.”

Your three separate brains operating in your body can end up antagonistic to each other, and have differing patterns, habits and learned behaviours.  Knowing the core competencies of your brains enables you to leverage and communicate with and between your multiple brains in ways that expand your thinking, physical and emotional abilities so you truly can live to your potential.  A certified mBIT coach can facilitate your transformation more easily than you can imagine.

Remember, this is not about being able to ‘do more’ in life, but rather live from your highest authentic expressions of Creativity (head), Compassion (heart) and Courage (gut), for greater wisdom in your decisions and actions, leading to greater success and happiness in all areas of your life.

Exercise: Tap Into All Three Sources of Your Inner Wisdom 

All your answers are inside, it’s just a communication breakdown that’s causing the conflict or confusion.  The following exercise will assist you to come back into alignment and tap into all three of your intelligences*, in your head, heart and gut.  You can use it in the general sense or for a specific issue.

  1. Balanced Breathing, counting in for 6, and out for 6.  It’s important the in and out breaths are even and equal.  When you are feeling calm and centred proceed.
  2. Focussing on your heart and how it feels, ask it “What do I need most, right now? Listen for the answer.
  3. Repeat for your head, focussing on what it thinks, “What do I need most, right now?” Once again listen for the answer.
  4. Focussing now on your gut, and how it identifies with the issue, “What do I need most, right now?”
  5. Now you’ve listened to all three answers, return your focus to your heart, and ask “What do I need most, right now?” for the overall answer.
  6. Finish with more Balanced Breathing as you step out into the future experiencing the changes you’ve made in how you act, think, feel.
  7. Come back with a deep breath in and out, a stretch and a drink of water.

Have fun playing with this – allow yourself to take 15 minutes each day to check in, to tap into your inner wisdom.  Notice what you notice in the days to come as you fully integrate the learnings.  NOTE: If your answers conflict with each other, and there’s no overall congruent theme, then that’s a sign you need help to reprogramme and get back in alignment, to end the internal conflict.  Book a time with me to discuss https://my.timetrade.com/book/SPXCJ


Sue Lester, Certified mBIT Coach, and Australia’s leading expert in optimising Unconscious Blueprints(TM), can be contacted on 07 3103 2679 or 0428 128 679, info@growingcontent.com.au or www.SueLester.com to book your time to change .  Sessions & programmes available worldwide via telephone, Skype and Zoom.