Clear ‘head trash’ at source and transform workplace and relationship dynamics with a mindset coach, author and adventurer.

Whether your clients want a stimulating 45 minute keynote, a transformational 7 day retreat, or something in between, Sue Lester will listen to your needs to create the very best experience and outcome for your audience, and more.

Sue has been charged by a silver-backed gorilla in the Congo, canoed the Zambezi River dodging hippos, walked across the Australian Simpson Desert with 16 camels, and much more.  Her love of adventurous travel is only surpassed by her passion for creating lasting change with mindset shifts, so the two are woven together in her presentations and workshops.

Allow Sue to take your audience on a journey of discovery. Float along rapids of laughter and comfortably sink into deep pools of discovery. Emerge with a new self-awareness, feeling reconnected, stronger and more energised for the challenges ahead.  Workplace dynamics shift, relationships improve, stress levels drop and life balance becomes achievable.

Between adventures Sue Lester has been a catalyst of change across Australia, UK, NZ and Asia for women in social enterprise, education, tourism, ex-pat community, childcare and professional services. A former radio show host, Sue now has an international coaching business. She writes for numerous blogs and magazines, and is author of  The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint.

Whether your clients want a stimulating 45 minute keynote, a transformational 7 day retreat, or something in between, Sue will listen to your needs to create the very best experience and outcome for your audience, and more.

Presentation and workshop topics have included:

  • From Worrier to Warrior: Clear Head Trash Off Your Path to Success.
  • Ditch the Bitch: Turning Self-sabotage into Self-motivation.
  • Reignite Your Zest For Success and Create a Balanced Life You Love.
  • Discover the Impact of Your Unconscious Blueprint on Workplace Dynamics.
  • Three Brains Are Better Than One: Integrate Yours For Wiser Decision Making.
  • De-stress For Success From The Inside Out.
  • Time Travel For Profit And Pleasure.
  • Personal Power Boost: How to Put the “I” Back Into Your L_FE.
  • How to Clear Head Trash in Business.
  • How to Flow and Flourish in Your Business.
  • Self Leadership First.
  • Communication With Connection.
  • How To Stop and Smell the Roses Without Sneezing.
  • The Impact of Loneliness On Our Community.
  • Forget Public Speaking Just Share Your Message.

What people are saying:

“So pleased that Sue responded to my call out for a key note to speak on the very important topic of loneliness at the CQUniversity Loneliness forum. I was astounded at how much content was in her 45 minute talk. Amazing! The audience were mesmerised and energised which led into a very hearty workshopping session afterwards. Great work Sue.”

Desley Cowley, Transformational Community Solutions Strategist | Developer – National Retail Talent Directory

“Sue’s presentation on ‘Loneliness’ was interesting and thought provoking. She captured the audience the moment she started speaking. She shared relevant stories and examples from her life. Sue also offered great examples of potential solutions. She entertained and educated the audience.”

Elize Hattin, Life, Business & Executive Coach / Author / Director / Speaker / Behavioural Specialist / Success Strategist

“I’m a strong advocate of working with a coach to reach your potential. Sue has an amazing ability to help an audience think about their thought patterns and tap into the power they have to change these thought patterns for a positive change in their life personally and professionally.”

Serena ‘Dot’ Ryan, Digital Marketing Strategist

“Sue was a speaker at the Australia Virtual Assistant Conference. I watched from the back of the room as Sue engaged and motivated the audience. Sue’s ability to take the audience on a journey to believe in oneself and not allow the doubters to derail your purpose was superb. The ‘head trash’ we could all relate to. Sue enables you to reach within, be confident in what you want to achieve and then do it. Sue delivers in a way that realises your inner desires. Would highly recommend Sue for future speaking engagements.”

Gordon Jenkins, The Visible Guy

“It has been a pleasure to have experienced Sue’s insights and passion for her professional and philanthropic “work”. Sue is one of those wonderful people who have alignment between word and deed and she is making a positive difference to so many people here and in Kenya – See www.naukuruhope.org. I found Sue to be super organised, thoughtful in her dealings, and an engaging speaker with a great story to tell.”

Sean Gordon, CEO and founder School Aid Trust

“I am so thankful that Sue Lester responded to my request to be a guest presenter at a recent Redcliffe Business Networking breakfast. Sue’s topic… “How to Stop Crashing into Head Trash in Business” was a huge hit with our group of small business owners. Sue took us on a canoe trip down the Zambezi River, dodging hippos and crocodiles while helping us to discover some of our own submerged obstacles to our business success and what to do about them. Sue also gave us some quick, powerful anxiety-busting techniques to shift our mindset to where it really needs to focus for our success. I highly recommend Sue if you are looking for a guest presenter for your next event. Sue was fun, engaging, authentic and her real-life stories will blow you away.”

Lorraine Hollitt, Life Without Boundaries

“Sue is a natural story teller which makes it easy for her to connect with her audience and take us on a journey. I appreciated the work Sue has done in the area to help us identify when unhelpful thinking styles are getting in the way of our success. In a short session Sue was able to do quick process to help us identify stages where our unconscious blueprint might have first appeared – which was very telling! What I loved most was learning more about reclaiming our personal power – knowing the signs of whether you’re increasing or decreasing it by our actions, words and thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing your life’s work at the AAPO conference!”

Louise D’Allura, Home Economist and Accredited Expert Professional Organiser

“Congratulations Sue for your Dare to Be Bold- International Women’s Day talk you gave to the Bundaberg Business Women’s Network. Sue initiated the talk with what is Your Legacy you would like to leave in this life time. She then delivered a very heart felt and inspiring journey through her life relating how each of us can have the dream and live it. How we need to have a clear vision of what it is that we do want, get rid of the head trash, the limiting beliefs that hold us back. I would recommend Sue as a Guest speaker as she involves the audience and delivers in a real and connecting way with her audience. “

Kay Shelton, Bundaberg Business Women’s Network

“This is a testimony for Sue Lester from Growing Content. Sue has just completed a speaking tour of our Brisbane based KBN groups. The material & information that Sue shared with the KBN group I believe is pertinent to all in business. The messages were clear, with practical tips & in plain English. Sue’s presentation was delivered in a professional & business savvy manner. In short her delivery was simply significant! I believe Sue made both real & meaningful connections with her audience. Judging from the response Sue & her information have been well received & readily accepted throughout the KBN business community. This is clearly evidenced by the multitude of follow up appointments with members. (Sue, we are proud to associate with the likes of you. We have no hesitation in recommending you to any of the businesses in & outside the KBN business community. Thank you for the great contribution to the KBN family, you are making a huge difference! We look forward to the next round of your presentations to the KBN community. Finally we look forward to a long & fruitful relationship with you & Growing Content.”

Doug Bannister, Founder, Key Business Network

“I was lucky enough to hear Sue Lester talk at a networking function last year on the topic “How to stop and smell the roses without sneezing”. Her presentation was exciting and it encouraged me to make many changes in my life. Sue has a calm yet compelling manner of presenting which captures the interest of her audiences. When my business partner and I set up our own networking branch we were pleased to invite Sue to be our inaugural guest speaker.”

Tatia Power, WebCrumbs Media

“Each time I have heard Sue present I have loved the practical, easy to apply strategies she has offered. Strategies that help overcome the stress we encounter in our everyday lives. She has a laid back style which relaxes and engages her audience and as owner of The Kitchen Table Network I am sure Sue will be invited to speak for us again.”

Jackie Price, Founder, The Kitchen Table Network


B.A. Dip.Teach. Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis & Neurological Repatterning, Master Results Coach, Certified mBIT Coach, Certified Innergetics Coach, Cert IV Training & Assessment.

Sue Lester is a member of Professional Speakers Australia, and the Global Speakers Federation. She is registered with the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming, holds a current Blue Card, and First Aid Certificate.