About Sue

In 2017 Sue Lester was awarded Soroptimist International Moreton North Inc International Small Business Woman Of The Year.

2016-2018 Sue served on the Professional Speakers Australia QLD/NT Chapter Leadership Team.

As far back as I remember I had planned to explore the world, to teach, and to write. Along the way, until 2007, I allowed myself to be ambushed by unrequited love which resulted in low self-esteem, flowing on to a series of undervalued high pressure positions in education, the travel industry and social enterprise, and eight years in an abusive relationship. I also punished myself with Rheumatoid Arthritis and vomiting tension headaches. I became very good at saying yes and no in all the wrong places. Perhaps you can relate to this?

Still, it was all good active research which has helped me better connect with and serve clients since. But seriously, I could have saved myself so much pain if I knew then about our unconscious blueprints™, and how to optimise them for personal and business success.

Since 2008 I’ve been passionate about helping people, like you and me, optimise their unconscious blueprints™ of themselves and others. Redesigning these connections, within ourselves and with others, ensures living rich and fulfilling lives is possible. What does that mean for you? What makes your heart sing?

I absolutely love adventurous travel, getting down and dirty, especially in culturally different or naturally beautiful areas. My experiences walking across the Simpson Desert with 16 camels, being charged by a Silver Back gorilla in Republic of Congo, dodging hippos while canoeing the Zambezi River, and scrambling over a terrifying high-altitude landslide in Nepal are all part of my story, the song of my heart. When I’m not allowing it, when I’m going against my unconscious blueprint™, I feel out of sorts, unfulfilled, small and resentful.

Sharing my adventurous travel tales as metaphors helps my clients, their teams and audiences reconnect with their purpose, and rediscover their potential.

My aim is for you to feel successful inside too.

It’s like I’m a guide who can help define your destination, provide a map, compass and torch, plus the inner confidence to set forth, knowing you are able to deal with challenges. I walk beside you while clearing away your fears and self-doubts, to keep you on track and optimise your progress. If you prefer to travel alone, I’ve written a guide book for you, “The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint.”

For example, when Janet sought my help she felt her business was outgrowing her, and that she was no longer confident in the top job. She confessed that she was intimidated by all the polished-to-perfection mums dropping off kids at the school gate, feeling frumpy and dumpy, and just not good enough. Janet’s loss of confidence was impacting her ability to effectively manage her team of contractors, and to price her services to genuinely reflect her extensive experience and expertise. Both issues meant cash flow was suffering needlessly. As Janet’s stress levels escalated her confidence and self-esteem plummeted.

After gaining enormous clarity from our Success Map session together, Janet set out on a 12 month mindset journey with me to fully optimise her unconscious blueprint. Within a week she was internally motivated to make her exterior match her new interior self-image, booking stylists for hair, clothes, health and fitness. Feeling successful inside meant she once again was leading her business, refocussing and raising her goals, consolidating and re-aligning her team, and raising her prices by 50% twice in 12 months, without losing her premium clients.

We worked through adjusting her unconscious blueprints of others before she addressed a potential new client’s board of directors, then again to help her boundary set and debt collect from a chronically tardy client. When her husband joined her business as an employee changing her unconscious blueprint of him was necessary to adjust their relationship dynamics.

Stepping stones or stumbling blocks? Your choice. Always.

My programs for individuals range from a 2 hour Success Map through to the 6 week Kick Start to the 12 month ‘Optimise’ and ‘Transform’ programs.

Corporate programs include executive coaching, team coaching, workshop/training design and facilitation, conference keynote speaking, breakout sessions and MC.

Tailored for each client, my intention is that every person leaves feeling successful inside too, and equipped with the tools to ensure ongoing personal development. The mindset shifts and subsequent raising of confidence and connection lead to external successful performance.

The positive ripple on effect from optimising unconscious blueprints™, throughout business and personal lives, and down the generations, has become my legacy.

I also write regularly for a number of national magazines, blogs and forums, and in 2011-12 hosted a weekly radio program “Let Go And Grow With Sue Lester”. When not travelling, or volunteering at www.nakuruhope.org in Kenya, I live by the sea just north of Brisbane with my partner Peter and two black purring PAs (Pause/Paws Assistants).

Sue Lester B.A. Dip.Teach. MNLP. MHypnosis. Master Results Coach, Certified mBIT Coach, Certified Innergetics Coach, CertIV Training and Assessment