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Clearing head trash & emotional pain


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In these crazy times it feels like you’re standing on shifting sand. You fluctuate from feeling you’ve got this, to wanting to curl up under your desk. But they are still depending on you to be strong. It’s so hard.

 Trouble is, they didn’t realise that before all this started, you were hiding behind your success mask. You weren’t feeling successful inside, not really. You created your external success out of stomach-churning courage, not confidence. Now you’re running on empty.

Life was so busy it was easier to brush your relationship issues aside.  Now you can’t ignore them and the tension often feels unbearable.  For too long you’ve felt like you’ve gone missing in action, just living someone else’s version of your life. Frankly, you’re not the strong, confident, happy adult you expected to be by now.  And you need to be. For you. For those who depend on you.

Or perhaps your workplace dynamics are toxic, reminding you of a schoolyard rabble. Very few are behaving well, some are emotionally out of control. You wish they’d all just grow up and behave! But they rely on you to restore calm. Perhaps you’re carrying the emotional weight of having to let valued team members go. Staying grounded and making wise decisions for others is so much harder when you’re feeling in turmoil yourself. Your heart aches.

If your question is “What can I do?”, your answer is “Book a time to talk with me, Sue Lester.”

Since 2007 I’ve been helping women and men just like you clear your head trash and emotional pain so you can be strong inside. So you can think calmly with confidence, making wise decisions, and able to lead yourself and them safely through these turbulent times.

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