Do you still have these problems? Karen recaps her transformational journey with Sue.

What started out as help with managing anxiety grew into something so much bigger than I could have ever imagined or wished for. In a relatively short space of time you helped me understand my anxiety, my trigger points and how to deal with them.  You gave me tools and taught me thought processes to manage this and reduce my anxiety to almost non-existent.

Our journey continued as you mentored me through the stresses of work, gave me tools and processes to improve in all of those areas that I didn’t enjoy about work (managing difficult people jumps to mind!).  Along the way you also had advice for me about my children, dealing with a change of schools and provided games to play with them to really find out what was going on in their beautiful minds.  

The best thing about our sessions was that it made me STOP!  To stop and reflect on everything in my life – what I was enjoying, what I passionate about and tweaks I needed to make when things weren’t quite so perfect!  In this day and age of “go go go”, I never realised the huge benefit of stopping to reflect and spending time on ME.  I left each session feeling a sense of accomplishment, refreshed and energised.  Thank-you so much Sue for sharing your insights and guidance.”

Karen (Surname withheld for professional privacy), Senior Manager.

Your Unconscious Blueprint Optimisation Program™

Optimising your unconscious blueprint™ will create the mindset you need to minimise stress, think clearer and regain control of all areas of your life.  Shed Past baggage and head trash, reclaim your Present and redesign your Future.

Feeling lighter, calmer and with the confident resilience to handle life’s ups and downs, you’ll find guilt-free boundary setting easy.

You’ll put the “I” back into your L_FE, regaining your zest for life’s adventures, your way.  Carving out guilt-free time for yourself is possible, no matter how manic your life currently feels.

Best of all, you’ll finally feel successful on the inside too. At home and at work, comfortable in your own skin. Imagine how that feels?!

Let's connect and discuss your needs

How It Works

For your convenience, the majority of mindset healing and coaching sessions are conducted via Skype or Zoom. Not having to battle traffic after a relaxing or deep change session is such a bonus for you.  It doesn’t matter where you live in the world either. Time zones can be managed.

Success Map Exploration sessions can be in person in Redcliffe, Qld, Australia or by negotiation.

Based on our initial discussions and session I’ll design a mindset healing and coaching programme specifically for your needs. It is flexible as we both know “life happens”.  To maximise your progress there’ll be ongoing pre- and post-session action steps to complete.

“Coaching lets you see the woods instead of just the trees, allowing awareness to guide you along an accelerated path.” Mags Bell, “What The BLEEP Is Coaching?”   

For many, before they can maximise the benefits of coaching’s forward focus, they need to shed the baggage and head trash from their Past, letting go of limiting beliefs, habits and accumulated toxic emotions. That’s where the ‘mindset healing’ fits in, to whatever degree you desire.

I’m a firm believer in also teaching you techniques you can use across all areas of your life, and share with others – children, staff, spouse, friends and family.  Some clients prefer me to run in-house workshops for their teams as well as short-term work with spouses and teenage children.

During our sessions, I’ll use the best combination of techniques and modalities for your specific needs and personality. NONE will involve reliving past trauma. These are some of my favourites for deep, but gentle, transformation:

  • Unconscious Blueprint Optimisation
  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques)
  • RESULTS Coaching
  • Neurological Repatterning
  • Innergetics (Inner Eating) Process
  • Energy Work, including Reiki
  • Life & Business Experience, Author, trained Professional Speaker.
  • Non-judgemental, compassionate Active Listening
  • Accountability – you decide on the degree of toughness
  • Humour

Your path can include:

Success Map Exploration (2 hours)

Jump Start Program (6 sessions within 1 day – 3 months)

Optimise Program (24 personalised mindset sessions within 12 months)

Transform Program (36 personalised mindset sessions within 12 months)

Accountability & Maintenance Program (negotiable)

Innergetics Process Modules (Ditch dieting for life & regain your Goldilocks body – just right for you.) 

Let's connect and discuss your needs

“Sue Lester is the ultimate life coach who has been able to guide me through both personal and business issues ad arm me with the techniques to deal with future issues when they arise. Her coaching has made such a difference to my outlook on life and the challenges it throws, my relationships, both professional and personal, and my overall health and well-being. Sue has the amazing ability to say just what I need to hear in a wonderfully practical and no-nonsense way. I truly believe if more people embraces Sue’s coaching techniques the world would be a better place.”

                                                                                           Cara Phillips, Architect.

“Gotta shout out about Sue Lester… OMG one of THE most awesome coaches I’ve met in ages. Maybe forever. She uses a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy, and a few other incredible tools as part of her coaching skill set and helps people clear stuff – including for me this morning, some pretty big old hangovers from many years past. I cannot recommend her highly enough – especially if you have worked out already that people form your past, energy blockers, childhood issues are part of what’s preventing you from truly being all you can be in your current life.”

Dixie Maria Carlton, Specialist Publishing Coach. (Facebook post 19/1/2018)

“Sue saved our marriage.”

Pip Boyce, ex-pat spouse, Laos.

“I’ve partnered with Sue over a number of years and I am eternally grateful for her ability to shift my mindset, reframe my experiences, guide me back onto my purpose and press my internal reset button when required.  If you are looking for someone to support you through your business development, hold you accountable to your word and cheer you along, I can recommend working with Sue.”

 Monique Longhurst, Principal Consultant, ASPIRE Personal Development and Consulting

“Sue Lester is a true catalyst of change. She knows precisely how to make your life the extraordinary adventure you deserve.” 

 Benjamin J. Harvey, Founder of Authentic Education.

“Before I met Sue, as a uni student I found myself constantly feeling worried and pessimistic about my future. I was lacking in decisiveness and self-confidence, and my increasing level of stress was affecting my behaviour and in turn, the people around me. I was also dreading returning to university for the new year and came close to quitting my degree.  

Now, I am more hopeful for the future and content with where I am at currently. I now have goals and a path to strive for, as well as an array of useful tools that I can reuse in many future situations. Sue has been greatly helpful to me and I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone feeling lost or hopeless like I once did.”  

Zaheera Paruk

“You’ve done wonders for me in so many ways, Sue. I’m feeling really positive and confident, and loving life. I’m so grateful for your help.”

Trish Evans

“Working with Sue has given me a new lease on life and direction I didn’t have before.  I found myself well and truly miserable with nowhere to turn and having no support I felt hopeless.  Talking to Sue and adopting Sue’s techniques has been amazingly life-changing giving me some personal power and control over my life and emotions.

Trish Hale

“I feel more self-aware, very relaxed and free. My mind feels clear and healthy.”

Gabby Vogelpoel

                            Gosh, what a delight it has been to work with you, so valuable and just the ‘jumpstart’ I needed.                                                            Huge thanks for all your wisdom and support.”

Jane Essleton, Occupational Therapist

“I have had the biggest and challenging week of my life. Now I feel like the weight has lifted from my whole body. I have never felt so much lighter in all my life.  I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you Sue for what you do, it was truly amazing. I know we did this together under your specialised technics and guidance but the way in which you spoke softly and waited patiently for me to be in place of being safe and happy to proceed was totally overwhelming for me.”

Kelly Bizqueen (Kingston) on Facebook 7/9/18