“The audience were mesmerised and energised which led into a very hearty workshopping session afterwards. Great work Sue.”
Desley Cowley, UCQ Community Forum

In-house programs are customized to create a more satisfied and productive team by:

  • Nurturing self-leadership by optimising unconscious blueprints™,
  • Shifting workplace dynamics for greater staff retention
  • Turning procrastination into productive workload management
  • Reducing stress by improving life balance including increasing parenting/marital satisfaction.
  • Meeting your specific needs.

At your service. Whether a 45 minute key note, a 7 day retreat, or something in between is needed, Sue will listen to your needs to create the very best outcome for your team, and exceed their expectations:

  • Group and Individual Mindset Coaching
  • Key Note Speaker and MC
  • Conference Breakout sessions
  • In-house Training and Facilitation
  • Workshops and retreats
  • Online live training
  • Cruise ship guest lecturer

Topic / Program suggestions include:

  • Self-Leadership First
  • De-stress For Success
  • Your Unconscious Blueprint’s Impact On Workplace Dynamics
  • Reprogramming Procrastination into Productivity
  • Three Heads Are Better Than One: Access Your Inner Wisdom
  • Communication With Connection

Sue Lester is a ‘head trash’ clearing specialist for successful people who have given so much to their business, career and/or family, they’re in danger of burnout. They’ve lost the “I” from their L_FE, and no longer feel successful on the inside. They are losing confidence in their ability to lead, suffering from “Imposter Syndrome”.

Working with Sue, whether individually, in a small group or part of a conference audience, is a journey of discovery involving rapids of laughter and comfortably sinking into deep pools of discovery. Emerge with a new self-awareness, feeling reconnected, stronger and more energized for the challenges ahead.

Programs involve de-stressing physically, emotionally and mentally, then reconnecting to their inner identity (unconscious blueprint™ ), purpose, values and drive. Participants gain greater clarity, courage and re-ignite their zest for tackling challenges in all aspects of their lives. Sue utilises her own adventure travel tales as metaphors to inspire others to reconnect with their purpose.


Telephone Sue Lester 0428 128 679 (and leave a message). Or book a 15 minute complimentary consultation to open the discussion on your needs:


BA DipTeach. Master Practitioner NLP, Hypnosis, Neurological Re-patterning. Master Results Coach, Certified mBIT Coach, CertIV Training & Assessment. Certified Member of Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP). Member of Professional Speakers Australia (PSA).

“Sue Lester is an experienced presenter who engaged the audience well with stories, exercises, written responses and open discussion. The concepts in the content were probably familiar to many, yet were offered with Sue’s unique perspective and insight, so the whole session was fresh and enlightening. Mindset is a perennial topic which we all relate to, and the workshop offered new tools and insight.”


Bev Ryan, Book Coaching & Publishing Services.

“When I came to the workshop I had lost motivation. Most useful at Reclaim Your Personal Power was the information on and analysing self-empowerment. I love the meditation techniques. We learnt the difference between at effect and at cause, moving from powerless to powerful.  The end result for me is self-empowerment.”


Bernadette Leonard, Owner/Operator, Alchemy Well-Being Café

“(After the Ditch the Bitch workshop) I was working on my own beliefs in myself and integrating my self-love and self-worth into my daily routine with family and friends, ensuring that I place a priority on my needs while balancing everyone else’s expectations on me and my time. This training (Reclaim Your Personal Power) has given me the courage to acknowledge where my power holds the most value and to follow my intuition to be clear in my belief in myself. I had fun and was comfortable in expressing my opinion. Most useful was the Intuition exercise and learning about contracting and expanding messages. The end result for me is clarity.”


Teneale, Business owner.