As our worlds are ebbing and flowing with the COVID-19 pandemic you might be wishing you could just escape from it all, the restrictions, the stress, the overwhelm, sadness and fear. (Or you might be enjoying some of the changes, that’s perfectly fine too.) You can escape, at least for a short time, using your mental Tardis. For non-Dr Who fans, the Tardis is the time machine the TV character Time Lord Dr Who uses to zip forwards, backwards and into other dimensions. Your mind is your Tardis, and you’ve been using it your whole life, albeit unaware.

Every time you remember you are effectively time travelling into the Past. Because our imaginations have evolved to be incredibly powerful, your body actually feels the emotions and sensations, as if you were physically there as well. You feel the anger and frustration remembering a fight. You might even change the outcome by saying that clever line you only thought of after, and feel the surge of power from that. Your body responds now when you remember a sexually exciting encounter. You might smile or even laugh out aloud remembering a friend’s joke or when you all got the giggles for being caught out.

Likewise, when you programme your Tardis to take you out into the future, you’ll feel like you are right there, in the middle of pain, fear, embarrassment or elation, pride and happiness, depending which version of your potential future you chose to travel to. Remember, it’s not real, there are billions of versions, including the ones you couldn’t possibly imagine right now. I mean, who foresaw 2020 being like this?

Whether you use your mental Tardis and time travel for profit and pleasure or poverty and pain depends on two things, your awareness and your mindset.  You need the awareness that you can and are mentally time travelling, plus can learn to control it. That’s where your mindset comes in. Your mindset determines how you use your imagination, or whether you let it rule you. Think of your mindset as insurance for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that whatever happens, you’ll find a way through. You will always be enough.

In these crazy COVID19 times it’s easy to time travel to the future and scare yourself into anxiety, inaction, even panic attacks. The stress build-up compromises your body’s ability to naturally heal, which increases the chance of what you might fear most. By all means, time travel to see the dangers, then come back to the present and take action so either it doesn’t happen, or if it does, you are well prepared. That’s the purpose of any type of insurance, peace of mind. 

Without action you are just left in a disempowering state of fear.  Make sure you travel back out to experience your actions working beautifully. E.g. a successful job interview or proposal acceptance. Soak up how good it feels, then it is even easier to take action in the present.

Mindset insurance includes staying up-to-date, even ahead, in your industry, with your skills, the technological changes, the changing needs during these pandemic times. Think of when horses and carts were just starting to be replaced by automobiles.  Henry Ford reminisced, “If I had asked them what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” He also said, “They can have any colour they like as long as it is black.”  You can’t find creative solutions with a mind fogged by fear and self-doubt.

Mindset insurance, for business, also includes training and looking after your team well, including their mental well-being. That insures you avoid costly mistakes and the cost of replacing valuable, or useless, staff. Likewise, your mindset ensures you invest in your personal relationships, avoiding a costly divorce and the toll of emotional pain on your body and your work performance.

Looking after your body ensures it lasts the distance. Who wants a long unhealthy life of pain?  By the way, dieting isn’t the solution to your extra COVID kilos. Deprivation didn’t work beforehand, and will be even harder now. The solution is understanding why you are overeating/drinking and learning to reconnect to your gut wisdom. (Ask me about the Innergetics process.)

Use your mental Tardis to give yourself and your body a chill-out, travel somewhere beautiful and relaxing for you, and use all of your senses to really be there. e.g. If it’s the beach for you, feel the warm, soft sand beneath your bare feet as you wriggle your toes, breathe in the fresh salty air, hear the gentle sound of the waves rolling in and out, notice the gentle warmth of the sun on your arms, the cool breeze against your cheek, ruffling your hair etc. Pain disappears, unless you take it with you in your thoughts.

Once you feel relaxed and recharged, then you can start creative brainstorming on solutions to your concerns. Or perhaps you’ll notice they weren’t really problems at all, not if you shift your perspective, and open yourself to new ways forward.

If you need assistance strengthening your mindset so you can time travel more easily for profit and pleasurable results, just ask me about options. Book in for a complimentary online chat using Zoom using this link