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You might be worried that ‘clearing head trash’ is painful and will make you relive past trauma and horrible experiences. Given that some practitioners use techniques and processes that dump people right back into the muck from the past, you have a valid concern.

I personally and professionally believe it is cruel and totally unnecessary to make you relive past trauma. Just know that it is possible to safely permanently clear out your head trash without being infected or injured again.

Indeed, you are more likely to be inflicting unnecessary pain on yourself by refusing to deal with past issues. Repressed head trash tends to fester and build up until it explodes like a nasty boil, spraying everyone around you.

Or else it spreads and infects you to the core, damaging your confidence and your health, therefore your finances and relationships, which puts more pressure on your health. It becomes a nasty downward spiral, so avoidance isn’t keeping you safe either.

So, what to do?  Start with allowing yourself to become aware, without judgement, of where head trash pops up for you.  It might be whatever fears, worries and self-doubts wake you at 3 a.m.  It may be the labels you still wear from the Past, like “I’m shy. I’m no good at Maths. I’m lazy. I’m just like X, she’s Y too.  I’m not [insert your label] enough.”  What labels do you wear?

Listen to what you say and how you speak to yourself, and about yourself to others.  Get curious about who originally gave you that label. Decide that it no longer fits you, so you can remove it and file appropriately. You’ll need to replace old labels and old behaviours with new, more supportive and empowering ones.

What head trash have you inherited? What labels are plastered across your forehead? How does your self-talk keep you small?

What you are aware of you can change. Whether you D.I.Y. with my book “The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint”  or seek individual or group mindset coaching & healing, the important thing is to take action to improve how you feel and show up in the world. Life is too short not to.

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