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5:30 a.m. the alarm goes off this morning, though I’ve been awake for a while.

Peter’s off to the shower in a rush for an early city meeting.

My Head says, “Stay in bed, last night was a late one, you must be tired.”

My Heart responds, “I want to see the sunrise over the ocean. It’s so beautiful.”

My Head argues, “It’s a full coaching day, you need to conserve your energy.”

My Heart insists, “I need to feel the sand beneath my bare feet, the morning sun on my face and the energy of the sea.”

My Gut has been listening, and decides, “Our body needs to move. We are the type that exercises in the morning, that enjoys and needs Nature. No argument.”

And I was up, dressed and out the door, headed for the beach before I blinked twice.

After all, walking barefoot along the beach at sunrise is part of my “ideal ordinary day”, so why would I stop myself from living that now. Unless I was forgetting who I am, and giving my personal power to Mr Businessisaslog & Mrs Somuchtodo.

My Head said, “Okay, I see your point. But I’m going to use some of the walk to craft a story about this.”

My Gut said, “No problem, writing and sharing is part of who we are.  Just allow time to Be on the beach.”

My Heart just smiled, happily humming along.

There’s nothing like that feeling of wholeness when your head, heart and gut intelligence are aligned, the churning thoughts stop, and there’s peace inside and out. That’s what mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) is all about. If you’d like to play with this, let me, Sue Lester, know. I can show you how to make truly wise decisions that are compassionate, creative and congruent, plus have the courage to take action.