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Is weight management an ongoing issue for you? There are many reasons why you might be carrying extra (or not enough) fat storage on your body, and I’ll cover those more on Mondays throughout November.  For now, understand that self-talk is self-programming, so you can put your self-talk to good use when it comes to reconnecting with your inner self and reaching your healthy body size.

It’s not just about losing weight because focusing on that leads to yo-yo dieting and lots of struggle and misery. You’ve probably already noticed you eat more when you are unhappy, stressed, tired, frustrated or stuck. Solving those issues without using food to smother them down is the key to you having your happy healthy body for life. No more dieting, no more scales, no more restricted diets, no more conflicting ‘expert’ advice – high protein, low protein, high carb, no carb etc. Clearing the layers to reconnect with yourself allows you to tap into your own body wisdom, especially that of your gut. We talk about ‘releasing storage’ not fat loss, or losing weight or even weight management. Eating is simple, it’s Life that’s complex. So your weight isn’t the issue. Your disconnection from yourself is.

Next time you start thinking of eating, check in with yourself. “Am I really hungry for food? Or something else?” If you are genuinely hungry for food, then eat whatever gives your body pleasure and nourishment just until you stop being hungry. That is before feeling ‘full’, so eat slowly, savouring your food, so you have a chance of noticing when you are no longer hungry.

Perhaps you are actually thirsty, in which case drink water. Your body needs clean water to replenish itself so it can function well, for example, clarity of thought, smooth bowel motions, blood pressure. Or perhaps you are hungry for love, security, action, starting or stopping, rest, reassurance or emotional release?  Eating food to stuff the emotions down, instead of fulfilling those needs, will keep those negative emotions locked in your fat cells, to be released and dealt with later, ready or not!  That’s one reason you can feel so miserable on a strict detox or fast weight loss programme.  So, decide if it’s best to sort it out now, or carry it around on your body for later before you eat unnecessarily. It’s a waste and on your waist otherwise. You can enjoy eating it when you are hungry for food, if you still desire it.

Play a game next time you eat out or plan your meals at home. Ask yourself, “What would a slim, healthy person choose?” and look for that. Don’t be surprised if you see items at your local café you’ve never noticed before.  If you think of yourself as overweight, fat or plump then you will choose foods that re-enforce that identity, and block out the rest. And if you honestly don’t know what a slim healthy person would choose, look around the cafe and say, “I’ll have what she’s having”. Notice the quantity as well as the quality. And yes, if she’s having the mega-size quadruple chocolate marshmallow parfait, then notice she’s having something out of her normal pattern, and find someone else to model.

Instead of telling yourself, “Salad is boring. I don’t like vegetables.” Say, “There are so many types of salads I’ll find plenty I like. Even though my head doesn’t like vegetables, because it remembers my childhood, the rest of my body does. Majority rules.”  Acknowledge too that perhaps the vegetables from your childhood were boiled into tasteless lumps (my experience at times), and you haven’t yet experienced them at their best. Be open to experimentation. Notice the difference, and how it becomes easier over time.

Whenever you are tempted, out of habit or opportunity, and are not hungry for food, say “I can eat that later.” And then distract yourself with more fun activities. It’d be a shame if you forgot to get back to eating it, wouldn’t it? It’s important to note, it’s ‘I can’, not ‘I will’. Permission rather than intention. Permission gets rid of the feeling of denial and restriction, without programming yourself to definitely have it later.

Throughout November I’ll be discussing reclaiming your healthy body through reconnecting with yourself. If you can’t wait to get started, book yourself in for an exploratory chat on https://my.timetrade.com/book/SPXCJ

I’ve been studying for my mBraining Innergetics Coaching Certification since March. It’s fascinating how the tools and philosophy dovetail with my existing mindset coaching programme so well, accelerating the results for my mindset coaching clients. Double bang for your buck! Remember this is about reconnecting you to yourself and releasing all the protective layers you no longer need for the rest of your life. I’d released 10kgs last time I snuck a look at the scales. Working by numbers on a scale isn’t part of the programme, but I was curious how my looser trousers translated back to the old way.  Let’s have a chat about how this can work for you, preferably before the Christmas season of over-indulgence, so you’re set up for success.

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