I’m so excited to be the first Certified Innergetics Coach in Australia, and second in the world (Jan Niemand in South Africa was first by a few days). It’s been a full on 18 months training, studying, peer and client coaching, but most importantly, living the process myself. I confess I actually didn’t pass my first certification interview back in January, so I was determined to get through in June.

I have such a sense of inner peace now, it’s like I’ve come home (which I have, to myself.) And I love that the kilos of excess fat storage I released have gone for good. Bonus!

Innergetics is about learning to reconnect to your gut wisdom and true self so you can free yourself to really enjoy living life as the best You possible. You learn to how to ditch dieting for Life and regain your Goldilocks (just right for you) body.

Note this process is not just about weight loss, it can be used for anyone with eating issues, too much or too little or too much focus on the shoulds & shouldn’ts, for over-consumption of alcohol and more. The underlying causes, disconnection from your own self and inner wisdom, are similar in all of those cases.

There are no products, pills, potions, shakes, diet plans or compulsory exercise. But there is a structure and support to keep you safe and travelling smoothly on your path home.

Imagine the freedom and headspace from total choice without deprivation and all the constraints and pressures of how you “should” be eating, “healthy” vs “unhealthy”, “clean” vs “unclean” eating, high this, low that, super this, toxic that.

Shedding those old childhood habits & beliefs that no longer serve you, and the fears that started your messy relationship with food. Food goes back to serving its natural purpose, and you learn how to satisfy your other hungers in ways that increase pleasure in your life.

The coaching certification is an inspired collaboration between Shirley Billigmeier (USA, founder of Innergetics) and Grant Soosalu (Australia, co-founder of mBraining. R.I.P.), marrying the intuitive and the scientific wisdom and evidence.

I’m sure the learning will continue as I work with a diversity of people, and continue mentoring with the founder, Shirley Billigmeier. Plus Innergetics fits so beautifully with my existing mindset coaching programmes.

For more information check this out, and let’s talk soon about how this powerful Innergetics process can work for you.