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If you are looking for a relationship, in a relationship, thinking of moving on or never want a relationship ever again, there’s something in this interview for you. When Christine Campbell interviewed me for the global Art of Dating Smart Summit we covered:

  • how to avoid confusing orgasms with love
  • the impact of our unconscious blueprints on relationships
  • when to leave and when to stay in a relationship
  • practical head-trash clearing techniques
  • tuning into your intuition
  • understanding love languages and putting them to good use

It was a busy but fun 35 minutes that just flew!   Let’s talk soon about how you can improve your relationship with yourself so you can have the best relationships with others. When you love you, it’s easy for others to do the same!  Book your 15-minute chat here.

The gift guide mentioned is available on this link http://bit.ly/2DDcOFQ