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Even if you’ve already mapped out 2019 (go you!) this can help fine-tune. I’m not talking about creating the best year of your whole life, rather the best year you can create right now.  The future could be more wondrous than you can possibly imagine right now.  Each year is another building block added to your potential.

Firstly, you need to allow yourself some time to reflect on what you learnt from this year, plus tap into your inner wisdom about next year and beyond.  If you can’t do that right now, block out some time in your diary – go and do that right now.

Secondly, think about each area of your life – business/career, finances, relationships, health, spirituality etc – and what you learnt from success or non-success this year. What do you need to stop, start, delegate or delay?

Thirdly, allow yourself to dream and drift out to the end of 2019, and beyond if you wish, to experience what you would LOVE to have in your life. Notice how you are feeling about yourself, how you are showing up in your world, what you are saying to yourself. Tap into all the sensory detail as if you are really experiencing it right now.

Fourthly, come back to now and map out the action steps to get from where you are to where you want to be. What help do you need? What resources do you need, and where can you access them easily? Set up some form of accountability, like a work buddy, coach or mentor.  Ask your head, heart and gut brains in turn, “What do I need most, right now?” Listen for the answers. Do them.

Of course, there’s no point doing all this if you’re not going to do the work.

Remember, you don’t have to wait until you have the whole pie to enjoy it. You can start having little morsels and slices now. What elements of your perfect year do you already have or can incorporate now? For example, for me, it’s walking along the beach before work.  I now live close enough to do that, I just need to get out of bed earlier, so I do. 

Having a strong, slim, fit, healthy body is part of my vision of success, so I do something every day to support that. Through studying the Innergetics programme which I now coach, I’ve retrained myself to only eat food when I’m hungry for food, not comfort, distraction, love, procrastination etc. Releasing 12kgs (& counting) has made such a difference. Ask me for the quiz if you want to know if it’s for you too.

What things make your heart sing or are important to you, that you can enjoy more right now, every day?

Your life is right now, and no one knows for sure its length, so ensure you live every day of your life, not just exist.  If you need help to do that, just ask. PM me or book a complimentary chat time on www.SueLester.com