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Is Your Unconscious Blueprint Sabotaging Your Life?

What can optimizing your unconscious blueprint do for you? Jane Marin, Owner/Principal of Golden Isis – Inspired Energy knew something in her was sabotaging her business and relationships. That impacted on her health, so she reached out to Sue Lester after hearing her speak at an International Women’s Day event. Jane explains the incredible impact optimizing her unconscious blueprint with Sue Lester had in all areas of her life:

“It’s all due to changing my six year old image (unconscious blueprint). I used to feel like I was looking up to everyone in a room, and now I feel on the same level. I’ve gone from never driving more than 30 minutes by myself to driving alone on a 4 hour trip to check myself into a hotel, setup and run an expo stand, and present my message from stage.  I was able to speak to my father on the telephone without the usual stomach knotting anxiety I’ve felt for years. I felt fine.  Now my husband and I are planning our first overseas holiday together in 32 years and it’s exciting, not stressful!”

Your unconscious blueprint is your internal self-image and it could be the source of your troubles at home and at work.  Do you often feel less than grown-up, not as confident as you’d expect?  Or perhaps you’ve struggled to deal with your boss or sister-in-law without bursting into tears or flying off the handle?  You have an unconscious blueprint of yourself, and also of others.

Firstly, let’s discuss your own unconscious blueprint.  If your ‘face within’ is much younger than your chronological age you will struggle with confidence, rational decision making and emotional intelligence. You may find you oscillate between hiding in the corner and rashly jumping in, boots and all. You’ll struggle to fit in with your adult peers because at the deepest level, your programming is of a child or teenager.

If your unconscious blueprint is disempowering in other ways, appearing meek or unhealthy (overweight for example), you will also struggle to set boundaries with others, be paid your value, and make healthy choices.  An unconscious blueprint of yourself as happy, healthy and confident is needed to make the difference.

Unconscious blueprints can be very empowering, which is the aim for each of us, and the reason to change them. When you have an empowering unconscious blueprint, confidence and courage become who you are. You find yourself easily taking action in situations you would have avoided in the past. You may even discover a love of standing up and sharing your message (public speaking).

Secondly, we also have unconscious blueprints of others, which can disempower or empower us and them. For example, your internal image of your manager could be very daunting, in which case you will feel threatened and unable to communicate effectively on a person-to-person level.  Likewise, if your image of the other is of a weak, unintelligent person, you’ll struggle to be respectful, to trust her judgement, and be productive in the workplace.  If you struggle to be paid on time, or even at all, by clients, then you definitely need an update, to either stop being intimidated by them, or to reprogram yourself as a confident person worthy of being reimbursed for your expertise.

If the passion has gone from your marriage, perhaps you have an unconscious blueprint of your spouse as just another annoying teenager to pick up after.  Your teenager/adult children may complain you treat them like little children, not trusting them to make wise decisions and step up to challenges. The more you fuss, cling, take charge, the more tension in your relationship, and you might feel them drift away from you. If you’ve suffered abuse then you’ll have an unconscious blueprint of that person that empowers them, and very much disempowers yourself. You can claim back your personal power without having to re-live any trauma.

Fortunately, unconscious blueprints can be identified and easily changed once you know how.  Since discovering their existence I’ve been exploring and researching how best to change your face within for good.  I’ve shared this in my book “The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint”.  Relax, I’ve written it to be easily read and applied by stressed, busy people. Ideally, read cover to cover, however you can also just pick it up and turn to a random page to get what you need at the moment.    A personally autographed copy of “The Face Within” is available from here.  It’s also available on Amazon.

If you discover you have a series of blueprints, or a strong emotional charge to them, you may prefer to book in for an Internal Image Update session with me, Sue Lester. Available worldwide via Skype and Zoom. Use the Contact form book or discuss that option.