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Another month slipped by, the To-Do List just as long, demands from work, family and friends stretching you – sound familiar?  Particularly as a business owner, the demands can seem endless, and there’s that pressing feeling you must always be on the go, achieving goals, doing, doing, doing! If you stop, even for a short while, there’s that guilty feeling that you are wasting time. Instead of having a clear break you enjoy, you go slow, fiddling with this and that, not achieving anything anyway. Next time you notice that starting to happen, think of Walt Disney.

After a slow start, Walt Disney’s dream took off and grew into the global empire we know today. Did you know that Walt had a room, painted red I believe, empty aside from a single comfortable chair. Every day he would retreat into that room and sit, apparently doing ‘nothing’, for an hour or two. The thing is, he wasn’t doing ‘nothing’, he was removing distractions and busy-ness, and allowing his imagination to roam free, creating the wonders that made his business so successful.

When you allow yourself to be still (away from TV, computer and phone screens) you are not wasting time or doing nothing. You are recharging, rejuvenating, healing, re-energising, creating, manifesting, focussing, dreaming your big picture future, injecting pleasure, relaxing.  Perhaps you are in a Walt-style room, perhaps outside watching the clouds, or the wind in the trees, or in your favourite corner of your home.

Perhaps you are playing games with your pet, your children, or enjoying a laugh with your partner. That’s not wasting time, it’s connecting, filling your own well, recharging yourself so you can continue to thrive your business or career. Exercise, (move!), for the pleasure it gives your body (ok, so perhaps not until you stop), and because it increases your choices and freedom in the future, as well as now. You can move quickly enough to save yourself or a child. You stay healthy until your death, living rather than existing your life. Travel is a joyful adventure not an endurance feat.

Remember, this day is your life. You may not have another, so make it count. The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

And if the mindset shift, the boundary setting, the self-worth needed to be able to do this successfully is a struggle for you, let’s have a chat. I can put my expertise and experience to good use and make the transition easier, faster and smoother for you.

Book a 15 minute complimentary chat on this link https://my.timetrade.com/book/SPXCJ or try pot-luck on my mobile.

Life is too short not to…