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We go on holidays to rest, recharge, have fun and adventures, yet so often that holiday feeling disappears almost as soon as we walk in the door at home.  Here are some tips on keeping that holiday feeling (originally from a presentation I did on a P & O cruise recently).

1. De-brief and learn.
Make notes on the way home about anything you learnt from your holiday, including things you wished you’d packed, or wished you’d left at home. If you find your plants are dead, and your home a mess (thanks kids/housesitter!) express how you honestly feel, then clean up and let it (anger, hurt, disappointment) go. Make notes on what specific instructions you can give, or who definitely not to trust with your home, for next time.

At work, take a deep breath, and before plunging into damage-control, take ten minutes to review how you could have delegated, trained, left instructions or prepared better for your time away, so next time coming back isn’t so stressful.  Until you are on the way home, worrying about home and work spoils your holiday, so don’t!  Deal with it on arrival, and who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised.

2. Look around and forward.

Start planning, or at least thinking about your next holiday, so you have something to look forward to.  In the meantime, enjoy reviewing your photos and memories of your recent holiday. Think about all you loved about it, and find ways to replicate that in your everyday life.  Even small changes and treats can keep the happy, relaxed feeling flowing, and your zest for life alive.  Your life is now, not tomorrow, so enjoy it now.

3. Honour your real self and play.

Your real self is who you are under all the roles you play in life.  Take time to find out who s/he is, what s/he loves, and do that more often.  Play!  (Reference: “The Face Within” book exercise.)

4. Accept differences.

Everyone experiences the world differently, filtering through their own senses and experiences.  Accepting that two people can have opposing views but still both be absolutely right, which they are in their own realities, frees you to just get along with life.  It’s OK to say no to others, and yes to yourself. Relax, and go with the flow, your flow. You are allowed.

5. Find your tribe.

You might find that people, family or friends, really don’t understand or are even interested in your holiday, their eyes glazing over once presents have been distributed.  Find those who do love to talk about and do what you love. Look at local clubs, and look online to find local MeetUp interest groups. Keep in touch with travellers you meet each holiday. Facebook makes that easier, and you can share photos.

6. Self-talk = self-programming. 

Remember, what you focus on is what you receive, and self-talk is self-programming. Are you talking yourself into pain and misery, or into daily enjoyment of life? There are so many benefits to work, so appreciate what the income allows you to do, and the parts you enjoy, rather on the negatives. Life is just a series of moments, so the more moments you can find enjoyment, the happier your life becomes overall.  Notice the birds singing, the light in the leaves and cute kids, the smiles, the smell of your cooking, and savour the tastes, or whatever makes your heart lift and your face smile.

7. Ask for expert help.

Life isn’t meant to be suffered, and you don’t, in fact can’t, always make changes alone. Ask for expert help, particularly if you suffer from anxiety or depression, health issues or sleep issues.  The more centred and healthy you are, the better your next moment and next holiday will be.  I work via Skype helping people just like you, all over the world. Book a complimentary 15 minutes via https://www.timetrade.com/book/SPXCJ

8. Buy my self-change book, “The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint”, today for self-study and gifts for those you care about. You’ll learn why you feel as you do, how to re-program yourself for success, why others don’t behave or think the same way you do, and how to deal with that.  On Kindle, or from www.growingcontent.com.au/shop-now

So the key to keeping that holiday feeling is understanding yourself, and allowing yourself to plan, learn from your experiences and make conscious choices to enjoy life moment by moment, rather than put your happiness on hold until your next holiday.  Your life, your choice – enjoy!