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Relationships can show the stresses of time and life events. Do you ever wish you could just get off the roundabout and start again? Back to when it was all fun and love?  Energy chord cutting can be a quick powerful way to save your relationships by giving you a clean slate to get yourself back on track.  Perhaps it sounds all a bit too “woo-woo” to you, or you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about? Or perhaps you’ve wondered what the fuss is about energy chord cutting and why it’s even necessary?

Let me share an example: Imagine how it feels to be an egg stuck in the mouth of a switched on vacuum cleaner, feeling an immense force and fear you’ll disappear inside, lost forever. Double that by adding another powerful vacuum cleaner to your other side. Completely stuck, being torn in different directions, with no hope of escape without help. That’s exactly how a Clean Slate session client described two energy chords attached to her body, one the full length of her body at the back, the other slightly larger on her front. One led to a perpetrator from her childhood, the other to a human I suspect was a source of immense guilt and grief.  Can you imagine the relief to be safely free? To have choices again?  Healthy loving relationships become possible.

How does it work? You may be familiar with the concept that, at the deepest level, we and everything around us, are simply energy.  When we interact with something it sets up an energy connection, which can be negative or positive. That something can be a person or persons, any living creature, objects (think bottle of wine, cigarette or work desk), environments (think school or office), and even concepts, including of ourselves.  Connections can break once the interaction is over, or intensify in either, or both, a negative or positive way.

For example, imagine you’re driving along the motorway when suddenly a car screams past and cuts in front, narrowly missing clipping your car. It gives you a huge shock, which sets off an negative connection.  If you ‘bless’ him with your choice of finger or fingers then let the tension go, and return to singing along to the radio, planning your holiday or whatever you were doing while driving with full care and attention, then that connection or chord is broken.

If, on the other hand, you keep replaying the incident in your mind, feeling the fear, then extrapolating into the future, imagining if he had hit you, the immediate consequences, and the impact on your family, and business, then you strengthen that negative chord. If you continue to talk about and relive the event at your destination, and everyone you tell shares their own horror car crash stories, then the chord is strengthened even more.  It can build to the point you have panic attacks at the thought of driving.

Negative chords can strengthen to the point they impact on our daily lives.  Whether physically, for example a client once told me she’d had a mystery sore right heel for years. The Clean Slate process healed it up by cutting and cleansing the energy chord attached to that same heel. Emotionally e.g. unable to have a calm conversation without a churning stomach, anger or tears.  Psychologically e.g. feel trapped, held back or unable to make decisions to move forward, anxiety, panic attacks. A ‘difficult’ relationship is a sure sign there is a negative chord connection.

The positive chords are created and strengthened the same way, whether in a strong event or in increments over time.  And yes, we can have both positive and negative chords to those we love, because of course, we are most likely to feel hurt by a loved one’s behaviour. We somehow expect them, if they truly love us, to know exactly what we mean, need and think, even when we don’t ourselves! We forget that they can love us, and still be human with grumpy days and less than perfect behaviour.

The Clean Slate process I use identifies, cuts and cleanses the negative chords only.  It’s part of my mindset coaching programmes, and I don’t normally offer it as a stand-alone session.  It will free you from past negative interactions, so you can focus on strengthening the positive, or release them completely from your life, if that’s more appropriate. However, recently I’ve been told (twice) I’m being very selfish not sharing this before. After all, not everyone wants or needs a full mindset coaching programme, and some people want a taster of working with me.

Also, I’ve noticed how much talk there is on facebook the past couple of days about people feeling really out of sorts, off, lethargic, heavy and unhappy. Some believe it’s the full blue moon, perhaps it is that combined with post-holiday blues, kids going back to school, realising a month has slipped by already and those health and work goals haven’t made any difference…is this you too? I’ve been told I’m selfish because I haven’t offered, except to a few friends recently, this powerful chord cutting session.  It’s a process combining hypnosis, NLP and energy healing that I used in my mindset coaching programmes, and don’t normally offer as a one-off session.

Here’s feedback Dixie posted on Facebook about her Clean Slate session: Gotta shout out about Sue Lester... OMG one of THE most awesome coaches I’ve met in ages. Maybe forever. She uses a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy, and a few other incredible tools as part of her coaching skill set and helps people clear stuff – including for me this morning, some pretty big old hangovers from many years past. I cannot recommend her highly enough – especially if you have worked out already that people from your past, energy blockers, childhood issues are part of what’s preventing you from truly being all you can be in your current life. I’ve been doing some interesting work on various things about my life and issues lately as I worked through my separation with Richard, and can honestly say, Sue’s help today was invaluable.”  Dixie Maria Carlton, Facebook post.

Clean Slate is a session, normally an hour (but block out 90 minutes in your diary), designed to lighten your load by cutting and cleansing negative energetic chords, including those to loved ones and unwanted concepts of yourself.  I guide you through the whole process so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t a clue where your negative chords are. Sessions are conducted via Skype or Zoom for your convenience so it doesn’t matter where in the world you live.  

At the end, you’ll have a ‘clean slate’ so you can focus on strengthening positive relationships, free from the constrictions of the negative past. (Yes, you can rebuild the negative connections if you wish – it’s your choice now!)  It works for people (alive or not), animals, objects (think bottles of wine or office desks), environments and unwanted concepts of yourself etc.

Since 2009, when I first learnt this process, clients have reported a wide variety of results including easier relationships with their teenagers, that there’s no longer tension with relatives, that they could ask for that pay rise, and comfortably say no without guilt or repercussions. Others have talked about how free their body feels and how old aches have gone. Many say that it’s easy to move forward doing what they knew they wanted to but couldn’t before, in both business and personal life. I personally found it very useful when my partner and I had a rough patch, with family deaths and ill-health.

If you’d like a clean slate to re-start this year, book here https://my.timetrade.com/book/3K4SG If you’ve coached with me in the past 10 years you have a special Maintenance price, otherwise, it’s the best use of AU$250 you’ve made in a long time.  Let me know if you want a business tax invoice for direct debit payment, or prefer a PayPal link for credit card prepayment. Questions?  Please ask by using the Contact page.